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Tabist turns to Localize to offer 5 new languages showcasing travel enriched experiences and encounters.



About Tabist

In 2022, Tabist emerged as a fresh brand stemming from OYO Japan dedicated to enhancing travel services for local facility partners and guests with distinct needs that differ from those in other parts of the world.

Tabist's brand commitment is to offer seamless travel enriched with local insights and experiences while facilitating fresh encounters. To fulfill this promise, Tabist strives to possess extensive knowledge about its facilities and surrounding attractions ensuring their users are well-informed while being introduced to the best experiences.

"We were really impressed with the on-boarding experience and support from localizeJS!" ~ David Ishikawa, Product Director


Words Translated




Increase in Site Traffic


Labor Savings:

  • 1500 hours

Chinese Language:

  • Users: +71%
  • Views: +51%
  • Purchases: +38%

Korean Language:

  • Users: +312%
  • Views: +248%
  • Purchases: +100%

The Localize Solution

David Ishikawa (Product Director) and Dylan Law (Front-End Developer) worked closely in collaboration with the Localize Customer Success team to establish translation workflows that aligned to their deadline. To initiate the process, they crafted a thorough glossary of industry terminologies enhancing the efficiency of their translation process. The installation of Localize proved to be smooth and uncomplicated. Phrase content was swiftly identified and seamlessly integrated into the platform for translation within a matter of minutes.

To meet their clients' exacting standards, Tabist sought accurate and high-quality human translations. Localize's dashboard proved instrumental in overseeing these translations. The current workflow initiates Japanese phrase content with a human translation specifically tailored for the inbound traveler. Subsequently, Localize reduced what was a previously 3-hour task to a new phrase workflow with little time or effort needed.

“Our translation proofreader truly maximizes the use of Localize’s Defined Variables feature, effectively reducing the number of similar phrases that need to be reviewed. This significantly streamlines our proofreading process.” ~ Dylan Law, Front End Developer

The Results

The outcomes of Tabist’s efforts have led to notable enhancements in conversion rates within the Korean and Chinese-speaking markets! The impact on the Chinese language segment is evident with a remarkable 71% increase in users, 51% surge in views, and a 38% rise in purchases. Similarly, the Korean language segment has seen substantial growth with a 312% increase in users, 248% surge in views, and 100% increase in purchases. These results reflect the success of optimizing SEM and partnerships activities for their new target language markets.

“With the availability of a REST API, we can seamlessly extend the translation feature to our backend services. This includes supporting API responses and email services in various languages, thereby guaranteeing consistency in translations across the entire platform.” ~ David Ishikawa, Product Director

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