Our Mission

Imagine a world where the Internet is accessible to all people in all languages. At Localize, we spend our days turning this vision into reality. We aim to bring people together through an innovative platform that harnesses the latest advancements in AI to make it easy to translate, manage, and launch web and mobile applications into any language.

When people read and interact with your content in their native tongues, amazing things can happen. We help businesses connect with a global audience, expanding reach into untapped markets through automated developer tools that reduce translation complexity and break down barriers.
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Localize quickly revolutionized translation management from its inception. Founded in 2015, our venture-backed company differentiated itself in a mostly stagnant industry through our innovative tools and technologies.

Today, we deliver the market's most advanced translation management platform. Companies of all shapes and sizes trust our products to transform core components of their revenue-driving infrastructures.


Localize's proprietary system for automatic content delivery and translation delivery reduces costs and time to market. However, the platform is more than just a translation tool. With innovative features, including AI-powered content management, advanced workflows and collaboration, international SEO, and multilingual visitor insights, Localize offers a powerful out-of-the-box solution for application developers and non-technical users alike.

Non-engineering users will be pleased with the intuitive design that empowers anyone to manage content. Developers will appreciate the documentation, tools, and libraries that make Localize highly flexible and customizable.
Our Team

Connection and Collaboration

Connection and collaboration don’t only epitomize our mission - these characteristics are also at the heart of Localize’s company culture. Our team works together to create an environment based on four core values:

Growth Minded

Localize is a team of growth-minded individuals, who enjoy learning and trying new things. We strive to grow, both personally and as a company, and stretch each other to be the best that we can be.

Impact Driven

An out-of-the-box solution like Localize requires a creative team. We all strive to make an impact, continually improve, and challenge the status quo while focusing on results and positive outcomes for our company and our customers.

Takes Initiative

As a high-growth company, there is never a shortage of work to be done. Our employees enjoy wearing many hats. When we see that something needs to be done, we are eager to jump in and help.

Team Player

Localize embraces a 100% remote-work model making teamwork, collaboration, and hard work core pillars to our success. We place a high value on clear communication and open dialogue to strengthen our team and move our company forward.

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